October 2, 2011

Conference Weekend

On Friday night we went to the BYU football game and Capri looked so dang cute. She was definitely the cutest cheerleader at the game! Tay couldn't go to the game because he was taking a test:( We were so sad he couldn't come and play with us and he missed a great game but he did get an A on his test. WAHOO!

Saturday was SO much fun. I LOVE conference weekend. We watched the first session which was so great and then Tay and I dropped Capri off with Tay's mom, Marianne, and then we went on a six mile run up to Bridal Veil Falls. It was perfect weather and the leaves are starting to change... Gorgeous! I am doing a 10K next Saturday and I am SO excited/nervous. I just love races. Its the best feeling when you finish!! I am hoping to do the Snow Canyon half marathon next month but we will see if I can get ready by then!! Anyway... After our run we watched the second session of conference then Rach and I headed up to Draper to have a girls night out while the boys were at preisthood. All the girls went and got Mani/pedis. I love my sisters and Mom so much its so fun to hang out with them!! After that we met the boys at Texas Road House. On Sunday We had a big breakfast up at my parents house and watched conference. Such a fun Weekend!!!

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